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Rate APPCityLife in the Apple App Store
(Touching this title will re-route you to the App Store; Apple does not provide a way to rate the app without navigating to their store.  If you are not re-routed, copy and paste this address into your browser:

We’re always pleased to hear how people use our app – whether it’s the recommended events here in Fresh Brew, our filtered search in the Anywhere app, the Retailigence™-powered product search, our special events sections, giveaways and promotions, or for our directory of services, attractions and businesses around town. And sometimes we find out you use it for something else – like encouraging out of state friends to download the app before they come to visit so they’ll have an idea of what to do while in town.

Adding a review to the star rating helps future visitors know more about the apps your rate.

Apple only asks people who delete an app if they would like to rate it.  That’s a lot like asking people who go into one movie only to find out it wasn’t what they wanted if they’d like to rate it anyway.  Or setting up someone outside the theater to ask people who leave early to rate the movie.  Apple doesn’t ask those who continue to use the app to rate it, so, it’s up to us to ask our fans to provide feedback in the App Store.

Why is it important to rate apps?

Your ratings help support developers who are working hard to create a quality product.  An app developer can usually tell when a competitor has launched an app in the store, because their own app will suffer a flurry of very negative ratings within a few minute’s time. App developers can’t control that. But your feedback helps balance out the picture. We would be ever so grateful if you would take five minutes to add your two cents to the reviews and ratings in the Apple App Store. Whether you do a simple star rating or add feedback in a review, it will let others know what they should expect from our app. Sure, there are things that you may want us to change in the app, and we’re listening and added a feedback form right in the app to help you tell us directly what you want.  And we’re actively working on many of those changes.  And if you find a bug or the app crashes, we definitely want you to alert us through email so we can problem solve and fix the issue right away.

If you’ve never rated an app, it’s easy.  Just touch the link to navigate to APPCityLife in the App Store.  Below the description, you’ll find the ratings and reviews along with a link that says Review This App.  When you touch it, Apple will prompt you to create an account or to log in if you have one.  This isn’t your iTunes account, but it is attached to it.  What you will do is create a screen name and password that will appear on all of the reviews that you write in the App Store.  Once you’ve created the screen name and password, you’ll be rerouted back to the app you wanted to review.  Write up your comments, add the star rating, and submit.  That’s all there is to it.

Thank You from the APPCityLife Team

Rate APPCityLife in the App Store

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